Corning Gorilla Glass 7i Launched For Mid-Range Smartphones, Oppo To Be First OEM To  Use It

Speciality glass-making giant Corning has introduced Gorilla Glass 7i, a new glass protection designed for mid-range smartphones. The Gorilla Glass 7i claims to provide enhanced drop protection and increased scratch resistance and bringing advanced glass technology to a wider audience in the mid-range and value smartphone segments.

Oppo Will Be First To Use Gorilla Glass 7i

According to Corning, Chinese handset maker Oppo will be the first to incorporate Gorilla Glass 7i into its handsets. Details about the upcoming devices is likely to be announced shortly.

David Velasquez, Vice President of Corning Gorilla Glass, highlighted the critical need for durability among mobile device users. Corning’s Gorilla Glass 7i is designed to provide superior toughness at a cost-effective price, ensuring more consumers can safeguard their smartphone investments.

Corning Incorporated’s new Corning Gorilla Glass 7i advanced glass is claimed to offer superior resistance to drops and scratches, outperforming other comparable materials in the class.

The use of older glass protective versions, such as the Gorilla Glass 5 from 2016, is being used in newly-released handsets such as the Nothing Phone 2a and Poco F6 Pro. So, now, we can expect Gorilla Glass 7i to be used in the upcoming mid-range smartphones. As these previous-gen glasses age, there is an increasing need for a contemporary solution that fits modest smartphones while providing enhanced protection for higher-quality displays in mid-range phones. 

The Pixel 8a also uses Gorilla Glass 3 from 2013, highlighting the demand for more advanced glass technology like Gorilla Glass 7i.

According to Corning’s laboratory tests, the new Gorilla Glass 7i can withstand falls from up to one metre onto hard surfaces such as asphalt. For comparison, other similar glasses often fail at shorter drop heights. Gorilla Glass 7i also offers double the scratch resistance compared to its competitors. Furthermore, Gorilla Glass 7i boasts twice the scratch resistance of competing glasses. Its formulation caters to a broad range of smartphones across various price segments.

Additionally, it is sustainable, aligning with its intended use in mass-market handset models.

While its main target is smartphones, Corning Gorilla Glass 7i is versatile enough to be applied to other devices such as smartwatches, which also need durable glass to withstand scratches as well as falls.

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