Whatsapp Chat Transfer Between Android And iPhones Is Getting Easier

Whatsapp Chat Transfer Between Android And iPhones Is Getting Easier

Meta-owned Whatsapp is working to bring a feature that makes transferring chats more universal. The Meta-owned instant messaging platform is apparently developing new chat history transfer feature that functions using an innovative method: QR code-based migration. WaBetaInfo has discovered an enhanced chat transfer feature in the WhatsApp beta version (, suggetsing that the messaging platform may be developing a universal chat transfer system.

WhatsApp Chat Transfer Between iOS And Android To Be Seamless 

As shown in the WaBetaInfo page, the language in the new chat transfer feature does not specify that the old device must be an Android phone, unlike the current version of the app. This new method differs from previous backup options by crossing operating system boundaries. Once rolled out, it would let  seamless chat history transfers between iPhone and Android devices.

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“As you can see from the attached screenshot, WhatsApp is currently experimenting with another section to let users easily transfer their chat history from an old phone, scheduled for release in a future update of the app. Specific details regarding the implementation for this alternative feature are currently unavailable as it is still in development. However, it looks like a universal feature designed to transfer chat history across different platforms without relying on specific sections or methods,” WaBetaInfo wrote on its page.

“Although this is purely speculative, this new section suggests WhatsApp may be aiming to enhance the migration process universally across devices, as it doesn’t mention that the old phone needs to be an Android device,” WaBetaInfo added.

Even as this news is exciting, the feature is not yet live and cannot be tested. This information should be taken with a pinch of salt.

It is pertinent to note that currently, Meta-owned WhatsApp allows chat history migration between iOS and Android devices. However, the process requires users to navigate a specific section as well as use a physical cable.

Furthermore, older Android versions are not supported, restricting this feature to users with newer operating systems. The upcoming feature aims to improve this by enabling universal migration across various platforms.

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