Marshal Minor IV Earbuds, Crafted From Recycled Plastic, Launched In India. Price, Specifications, More

Marshal Minor IV Earbuds, Crafted From Recycled Plastic, Launched In India. Price, Specifications, More

Marshall has launched the Minor IV True Wireless earbuds, which comes with a compact design and powerful audio performance. The British audio product manufacturer aims to deliver signature sound, comfort, and exceptional battery life with the new Marshall Minor IV earbuds. Users can also personalise their earbud experience through the dedicated Marshall app.

Marshal Minor IV Price An Availability In India

The Minor IV by Marshall will be available for purchase starting June 15 on the company’s official website for Rs 11,999.

The touch-sensitive controls on each earbud enable intuitive management of music and calls, including automatic pause/play when inserting or removing an earbud.

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Marshal Minor IV Manufactured From Recycled Plastic

The earbuds feature a new design for an improved fit in the ear canal and boast IPX4 water resistance. They are made from 42 per cent recycled plastic, with 90 per cent of that material coming from post-consumer products like CDs and electric bicycles.

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Marshal Minor IV Specifications And Features

The Minor IV earbuds deliver balanced sound quality for both music and calls. They are also Bluetooth LE Audio ready, ensuring improved audio quality and connectivity for future updates. The Minor IV earbuds simplify playback control and call management. They support Bluetooth multipoint connectivity, allowing simultaneous connection to multiple devices. One can customise thie music experience by downloading Marshall’s dedicated app to tailor the sound to your preferences.

Equipped with 12mm dynamic drivers, the Minor IV earbuds offer up to seven hours of playtime, which extends to over 30 hours when using the charging case.

The case supports Type-C fast charging, providing three hours of playtime with just 15-minute of charge, the company has claimed.

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