Top 5 Gifts That You Should Give To Make This Day Even More Special For Your Father

Top 5 Gifts That You Should Give To Make This Day Even More Special For Your Father

Every year, the third Sunday in June is set aside to honour one of the most significant figures in our lives: our fathers. Although Father’s Day is a relatively modern tradition, it first took place in 1910 and gained widespread recognition in 1966 when President Lyndon B. Johnson declared that the third Sunday of June would be observed as Father’s Day. This idea quickly spread globally, leading to the establishment of International Father’s Day as we know it today. In 2024, we will celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, June 16.

An essential aspect of Father’s Day festivities is selecting the perfect gift for our often underappreciated dads. Finding the right gift can be challenging because fathers typically keep their wishes and dreams to themselves, prioritising the aspirations of their family members above their own. This makes the act of choosing a meaningful gift a heartfelt gesture, as it symbolises our appreciation and understanding of their silent sacrifices and unwavering support.

Let us go over the top five kinds of gifts that you can give to your father to make this day even more special for him. 

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A New Phone


Image Credit: Unsplash/@Nicolas Hirajeta

Your father’s phone might be getting old and a bit slow. How about gifting him a brand new phone to stay in touch with you? A small disclaimer though, not every father out there is tech-savvy so, it will be easier for him if you gift him a phone from the same company that he was using. For example, let’s say that he is using a Samsung phone and now suddenly you gift him an iPhone. It might be a bit difficult for him to get used to the new user interface and controls. 

The purpose of this gift should be to improve his life or make it easier and not to make it even more difficult. So, try to find a similar user interface before you decide to gift him the right one. 

A New Watch


Unsplash/@Luke Chesser
Unsplash/@Luke Chesser

I’m sure a number of fathers out there must be donning a golden colour watch from brands like Titan or Sonata or Timex. The colour of the gold chain might be fading now.  How about gifting him a new one? There’s nothing more elegant than a watch. Such a small accessory and yet has such power to enhance our overall outfit.

So, do some research, find a classy evergreen timepiece and give an upgrade to his wrist. Or you can also gift him a smartwatch which would help him monitor his health better.

Grooming Kit

Happy Father's Day 2024: Top 5 Gifts That You Should Give To Make This Day Even More Special For Your Father

This probably might be the most overlooked thing when it comes to a man’s life. He might be using the same years old razor by just replacing the blades. How about you gift him a nice grooming kit which will have everything that he would need to take his grooming game up a notch?

There are several companies in the market that sell such packages. Find a kit that you think would be the best fit for him and help him look even more dashing than he already does.


If you come from a middle-class home, you might have come across a moment when you would’ve looked at your father’s shoes and thought, “Why is he wearing such old and torn pair of shoes?” And then he would come inside the room with a new pair of shoes in his hands and would say, “Look son, here are your new shoes.”

It’s time for you to finally at least try to repay him for the sacrifices that he made to make your childhood better. Obviously, you can never repay for those sacrifices because they are invaluable but, you can at least try to.

Your Time

The last one is the most important one and maybe the best gift that you can ever give. As our parents age, they hope to spend more time with their children but we get so busy with our lives that we tend to take them for granted. This should never happen. Try to spend as much time with your parents as possible. If you are a male then there are high chances that you might never had a moment with your father in which you would’ve sat together, talked about his life and laughed like you guys were friends. 

You might or might not know this but many fathers somewhere deep down crave that bond with their sons but are often hesitant. This Father’s Day, go sit with your old man and talk about his life. There might be a number of things that you still wouldn’t know about him. It’s only these beautiful memories that we carry to our deathbed. So, when the day comes for your father to leave for his journey abode, give him some beautiful memories to recall and relive in those last moments.

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