Gamers Get A Glimpse At Games That Will Arrive In The Coming Years

Gamers Get A Glimpse At Games That Will Arrive In The Coming Years

Epic Games experienced a significant data leak this week, but unlike typical breaches, this one offers intriguing revelations for gamers and users alike. Wondering why? The leak predominantly unveils a lineup of forthcoming games from the developer, information typically kept under wraps until the official names and versions are confirmed for development.

In most cases, data leaks prompt warnings for individuals to be vigilant against potential phishing attempts targeting their personal information. However, this particular breach is unique, providing an exciting preview into the future of Epic Games and the titles it plans to release in the coming years.

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Epic Games Leak: What Do We Know

According to recent reports, Epic Games has taken action against a website that was leaking information about its unreleased games. The site, known as EpicDB, was shut down, but not before the details spread rapidly across the gaming community. The website mentioned games from several major publishers including Sony, Sega, and Bethesda. However, the details of the most anticipated games were hidden under mysterious codenames.

One such codename is “Momo,” which some users speculate could be Final Fantasy 9. Another is “Selma,” which is rumoured to be the PC version of Red Dead Redemption 1. There is also “Utah,” which is believed to be the forthcoming PC version of The Last of Us Part 2.

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The list of codenames doesn’t end there, and gamers are eagerly trying to decipher them. Meanwhile, Epic Games has released an update aimed at preventing sites like EpicDB from leaking more details about its unreleased games. This move demonstrates Epic’s commitment to protecting its intellectual property and maintaining the element of surprise for its upcoming releases.

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