Top 5 Cricket Games You Can Explore On Games Live

ICC T20 World Cup has finally arrived, igniting excitement among fans worldwide. The ninth edition of the tourney began on June 1 and will continue up to June 29, West Indies and the United States as the co-hosts. Notably, it’s the first major ICC event to feature matches in the United States and other American countries outside the West Indies. India already notched up an impressive victory over ‘Mauka Mauka’ rival Pakistan on Sunday, sending a frenzy among cricket-crazed fans across the country

As cricket fever grips fans, they’re not just watching but also playing on their smartphones and PCs. Games Live offers a selection of easy-to-play games across various categories, free for both smartphone and desktop users.

If you’re unsure which cricket game to choose, fret not! Games Live has curated a list of five top cricket games for you to enjoy. You can enjoy these fun cricket games on your smartphone, tablet or desktop without even needing to download it on your device. 

CPL Tournament 

CPL Cricket Tournament is an online cricket game you can play on the Games Live website using your smartphone or PC. The game challenges you to defend your wickets and score as many runs as possible. 

Your goal is to hit the ball and protect your wickets, as losing them means losing the match. To win, you need precise timing, hand-eye coordination, and strategic shot selection to reach the target score within a limited number of balls.

Cricket World Cup 

As T20 World Cup Fever Catches On, Here Are 5 Fun Cricket Games You Can Play On Games Live

Cricket World Cup is an online cricket game available for free on Games Live. Players can choose their favourite national team and compete to become the international champion.

The goal is to bat and chase down target scores in limited-overs matches, hitting boundaries and scoring runs while protecting your wickets. It features three types of cricket matches, each with unique challenges. 

As you advance, the competition gets tougher, demanding precise timing, shot selection, and run accumulation to reach the target score.

Cricket Live 

As T20 World Cup Fever Catches On, Here Are 5 Fun Cricket Games You Can Play On Games Live

This cricket game allows you to play from one of two positions, always on the opposing side. You’ll only see the batsman on the screen, allowing you to practice timing and learn how the ball and sport work. 

To win the match, the player needs to focus on timing and positioning. For example, closer balls travel shorter distances when batting, while those hit farther away go further. 

Additionally, where you throw the ball affects the batter’s power when bowling, such as aiming at their feet.

Cricket 2024 

As T20 World Cup Fever Catches On, Here Are 5 Fun Cricket Games You Can Play On Games Live

Smash sixes and bowl out your rivals in this exciting multiplayer cricket game on Games Live! Play fast-paced matches with players worldwide, with each player getting one over to score as many runs as possible and chase their opponent’s score. 

Batsmen can score boundaries with precise timing, while bowlers can adjust their pitch and power to take wickets. Enjoy easy matchmaking by rematching with opponents after a game or finding new players quickly.

Street Cricket

As T20 World Cup Fever Catches On, Here Are 5 Fun Cricket Games You Can Play On Games Live

This street-style cricket game features nostalgic graphics and sounds, each round challenges you to hit the ball and score as many runs as possible. The strength of your hit depends on a power bar—the higher the bar, the more runs you score. 

It offers an authentic cricket experience with engaging gameplay, lively graphics, and sounds. The dynamic power bar system adds intensity to your hits, and each round provides new challenges and targets.

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