Google Rolls Out Auto Dark Mode For iOS Users

Google has recently unveiled a new feature exclusively for iPhone users in order to enhance their user experience. The aim of Google behind this new Auto Dark Mode feature is to convert the websites that the user uses into dark mode automatically. This addition has been made in Google’s Search Labs but for iOS only. The Search Lab has defined this feature as, “Stay in dark mode no matter what website you turn on. Turn on dark mode on your device to activate this experience so all the websites you visit match your app’s dark theme.”

How To Use Auto Dark Mode Feature

The Google app on your iPhone will now offer Auto Dark Mode. The app will run akin to your browser with its tab system. It provides several Google Search Lab features and the latest one to be added to this list is the Auto Dark mode. Once you turn it on, it will let users experience dark themes on all the websites.

Users must switch to the dark mode on their devices to use this feature. This guarantees a smooth browsing experience without abrupt transitions between dark and light themes. Users can effortlessly enable this feature by tapping the breaker icon in the top-left corner of the Google app.

In case if the user does not want to use it then one can disable it. In order to disable Auto Dark mode for specific websites, users can click on the new sun icon that appears in the address bar. It will allow them to go back to the original theme on the wesbite.

Aside from this, the feature does not apply to websites that already have a native dark theme. Google also cautions that the quality of the dark mode conversion may vary. Currently, Auto Dark mode is only available in the iOS Google app and exclusively for iPhones. However, it is expected to be available on Android devices soon.

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