Elon Musk Congratulates PM Modi Over Lok Sabha Success, Says ‘Looking Forward To Do Exciting Work In India’

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on successfully securing a third term in power saying he is looking forward to doing exciting work in India.

Congratulations @narendramodi on your victory in the world’s largest democratic elections! Looking forward to my companies doing exciting work in India,” Elon Musk said in a post on X.

Narendra Modi is scheduled to take oath as the prime minister for a third consecutive term on Sunday evening as President Droupadi Murmu has invited him to form the government.

In the recently held Lok Sabha elections, the BJP won 240 seats, while the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) together won 293 seats, securing a comfortable majority.

Congratulatory messages continued to pour in for Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his electoral victory, with leaders from around the world, including US, UK, France, Russia, Taiwan, China, Australia, Brazil New Zealand and the Philippines, expressing hope to further strengthen ties with India under him.

In April this year, Musk was scheduled to visit India on April 21 and 22 and meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, he postponed his proposed visit due to “very heavy Tesla obligations”. Musk had later said he looks forward to coming to India later this year.

The owner of the microblogging site X met PM Modi in June last year in the US and expressed confidence that Tesla would enter Indian market soon, along with Starlink. Tesla is likely to set up its manufacturing unit in India and make large-scale investments.

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