Yahoo Has Revamped Its News App, AI-Powered Features Focus On Enhancing Customisation

Yahoo Has Revamped Its News App, AI-Powered Features Focus On Enhancing Customisation

Yahoo has revamped its Yahoo News app and rolled out a suite of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) features which have been designed to enhance user experience on its platform. These new features have come from the now-defunct AI news app Artifact, which it acquired this year. The updated version of Yahoo News now features a highly customisable feed. It will let users tailor their content preferences with ease.

Due to the presence of AI algorithms, the app will deliver personalised news recommendations that will be based on the topics selected and the preferred publishers. This in a way will make sure that the users get more of the content that they wish to see.

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Yahoo News App Overhaul: Key Takeaways 

A standout new feature is the ‘Key Takeaways’ tool, which provides concise summaries at the top of news articles, allowing users to quickly grasp the main points. Yahoo News has also introduced a ‘Top Stories’ section, showcasing trending global news topics to ensure users are always up-to-date.

To enhance user engagement, Yahoo has added social sharing tools, making it easy to share articles across various platforms. Additionally, users can now customize their news feed by blocking specific keywords, and tailoring their browsing experience to their preferences.

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The updated Yahoo News app is now available for download on both Android and iOS devices, though currently only in select regions.

Looking forward, Yahoo plans to introduce gamification elements like streaks and badges to encourage consistent readership. These incentives aim to promote regular interaction with the platform, rewarding users for staying informed and engaged.

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