When Will iOS 18 Release In India? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Apple has officially introduced iOS 18 during its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 on June 10. The latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system brings a host of new features and enhancements, with a strong focus on customization and user experience. Among the highlights is a customization feature allowing users to adjust the tint colour of all app icons, with suggestions provided based on the user’s wallpaper. This addition is part of Apple’s broader push to enhance personalization options for its users.

When Will iOS 18 Come To India?

Following the announcement, a developer beta version of iOS 18 has been released, providing early access to developers to explore and test the new features. A more refined public beta is anticipated in the coming weeks.

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As for the official iOS 18, the public release is expected to take place in September or October this year, lining up with the launch of the iPhone 16 lineup.

iOS 18 Top Features

The new iOS 18 introduces significant changes and enhancements:

Customisation and Widgets: Users can now customise wallpapers, widgets, and app icons more extensively. Apps and widgets can be arranged to complement wallpapers and positioned for easier access, enhancing the overall aesthetic and usability of the home screen.

Dark Mode Redesign: The popular Dark Mode has received a fresh look, aiming to improve visual comfort and interface appeal.

Photos App Overhaul: Described as the “biggest redesign ever” for the Photos app, the update focuses on better organisation and easier photo discovery, improving the overall user experience.

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Game Mode: A new Game Mode will optimise performance by minimising background activities. This mode also enhances the responsiveness of AirPods and game controllers, providing a smoother gaming experience.

Enhanced Messaging Features: iOS 18 introduces advanced messaging capabilities, including expanded tapbacks that allow users to react with any emoji or sticker. The update also brings the ability to schedule messages and apply text formatting options like underline and strikethrough.

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