SuperGaming Reportedly Working On Integrating Web 3 With Indus Battle Royale Game Despite Their Contradictory Earlier Stance

Recently there were rumours doing rounds regarding SuperGaming possibly integrating Web3 into the Indus game. However, the developer has now refuted those rumours and issued a statement as per which the recent information that was circulating was not an official announcement made on Discord but rather it was a glimpse into one of many tabs open during a live session. The statement further said that they are exploring several emerging technologies including the said tech. 

SuperGaming reportedly said that the slide in question was part of an inbound publishing proposal which was submitted by a third party and that proposal was amongst many other proposals that they had received. The developers also emphasised that at the moment they don’t have any plans to integrate Web3 into Indus. As per reports, they concluded by saying that if there is any major development around Indus then it will be shared officially and transparently with everyone.

The statement in a way has signalled uncertainty regarding the official release date of the game. 

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Indus seems to have shared a “Web 3 Development Timeline” including milestones such as NFT drops, and store and token launches, however, apparently, it is for the future of the game. Notably, this is opposite to what SuperGaming’s claims were in 2022 that their title will not be a Web3 game. Reportedly, this alleged timeline was shared on SuperGaming’s Discord server as part of a live stream on June 6, 2024.

It is possible that this happened during the birthday celebrations of Roby John, the Co-Founder and CEO of SuperGaming. According to an IGN report, a screenshot from the live stream was shared by some reliable resources. We are attaching the screenshot posted by the IGN below.

Image Credit: IGN India

Indus Integration Of Web3 Timeline

According to the screenshot shared by IGN, the timeline showcases some significant milestones of the Indus including the start of the development to the Indus Creator tournament which occurred back in August 2023. Now it looks like it is time for SuperGaming to unfold its “Chain Partnership” phase which might refer to collaborating with a blockchain technology partner.

This hint regarding this seems more believable if we have a look at the rest of the timeline which includes the announcement of a marketplace with ‘NFT Drop’ in October this year. 

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