Streaming Giant Starts Rolling Out First Major Design Overhaul In US

Netflix has initiated the rollout of its first major overhaul of its television app in over a decade, aiming to streamline the viewing experience for its users. The streaming giant, known for its vast library of content, seeks to enhance user engagement and simplify navigation within its platform. It should be noted that the rollout is a part of a test now in the US, and a full rollout will be done only after changes are made based on initial feedback. 

‘Eye Gymnastics’

As reported by Reuters, research conducted by the company revealed that users often engaged in what Netflix executive Pat Flemming described as “eye gymnastics”, scanning various sections of the home screen in search of appealing titles. Flemming highlighted the complexity users faced, shifting between different elements such as title cards, top picks, and synopses.

In response, Netflix has introduced several modifications to the home page layout, including larger title cards and reorganised information, to make browsing more intuitive.

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Netflix To Gather Feedback For Now

A select group of Netflix’s extensive user base, which currently stands at nearly 270 million globally, will be among the first to experience the revamped interface. The company plans to gather feedback from these users before implementing the changes on a broader scale. This move aligns with Netflix’s strategy to prioritise engagement time as a key performance indicator, viewing it as a crucial measure of customer satisfaction.

One notable alteration to the TV app is the relocation of the menu button from the left side to the top of the screen. Additionally, a new “My Netflix” tab has been introduced, providing users with quick access to content they have started watching or saved for later viewing. Despite these updates, Netflix assures users that its personalised recommendation algorithm remains unchanged.

The redesign reflects Netflix’s ongoing efforts to adapt to evolving user preferences and technological advancements in the streaming industry. By enhancing the accessibility and usability of its platform, Netflix aims to not only retain its existing subscriber base but also attract new customers, including those interested in its recently introduced lower-cost plans featuring advertising.

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