Spotify To Introduce HiFi Tier This Year At An Additional Cost

Spotify is considering launching its new “HiFi” music tier sometime within this year, the media has reported. News agency Bloomberg, citing an anonymous source familiar with the situation, reported that Spotify is in the process of introducing its HiFi tier to users “later this year.” The source further mentioned that music streaming giant plans to offer its HiFi music plan as an “add-on,” allowing existing customers to access higher-quality music.

Spotify HiFi Tier Price

Spotify Technology SA will introduce a new, higher-priced premium plan for its most ardent users later this year. Users will be charged at least $5 more per month for access to better audio, the Bloomberg report added. In addition, the HiFi tier will introduce new tools for creating playlists and managing their song libraries, the source was quoted as saying.

The additional cost for this add-on is likely to be $5 per month. According to the source, the pricing will be adjusted based on each user’s existing plan. Nevertheless, the introduction of the new tier is said to result in an average increase of 40 per cent, irrespective of the plan to which users add HiFi.

Earlier, Spotify had announced that its HiFi audio feature would be launched in 2021, but it did not materialise. Since then, various rumours have surfaced regarding Spotify’s development of this tier. Last year, Bloomberg reported on a higher-priced “Supremium” HiFi plan in the works. Additionally, a report by The Wall Street Journal suggested that Spotify might include a remix feature to accelerate tracks within the add-on.

Meanwhile, the Swedish music streaming giant latest update, rolled out last month, is noticeably transforming the audio streaming service to enhance the visual experience. Spotify Mix, the company’s new typeface, was introduced to replace the circular typeface variant currently used across the Spotify app and desktop platforms.

The name, though confusing, pays tribute to the “dynamic and evolving nature of audio culture over the years,” according to Spotify’s global head of brand design Rasmus Wängelin.

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