Samsung Files Lawsuit Against Oura To End The Legal Dispute Over Galaxy Ring Before It Even Begins

Samsung has sued Oura to prevent it from claiming patent infringement. The South Korean smartphone maker took Oura’s visible readiness for legal confrontation into account. The company suspected that Oura may take some legal action against it due to its disputes with companies offering standard functionalities commonly found in smart rings. All this commotion was created with regard to the Samsung Galaxy Ring. Samsung’s lawsuit seeks a ruling that the forthcoming wearable would not infringe on five of Oura’s patents related to its sensors, health data metrics, power units, and other electronics.

In the lawsuit, Samsung emphasised its intention to kickstart the widespread manufacturing of the Galaxy Ring later this month. In order to tackle potential criticisms concerning health data, the smartphone maker showcased an Energy Score function within Samsung Health, which the company plans to incorporate into its forthcoming line of advanced smartwatches.

Long List Of Legal Battles

Legal confrontations related to the field of tech have been happening for a long time now. Samsung itself has been involved in a prolonged legal dispute with Apple, in which it has been accused of copying key features from iPhone. Despite all of it, these types of pre-launch suits are not that common. Due to the same, this move of Samsung can be interpreted as the company believing that it packs enough juice to avoid a patent conflict before it even begins.

In another scenario, Masimo secured an ITC import embargo against the Apple Watch after alleging that the wearables violated its patents for blood oxygen technology.

If in this case, the court agrees with Samsung then it is likely to create a strong impact on the smart ring industry. So far, Oura has been a juggernaut in this domain and now Samsung is planning its entry in the same. This arrival of Samsung poses a serious threat to Oura.

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