Rafael Nadal Refuses To Give Meta Consent To Use His Instagram Posts For Training Its AI Model

The 22-time Grand Slam winner and probably a living legend of Tennis, Rafael Nadal, has recently announced that he owns the copyright to all posts on his Instagram profile and does not consent to Meta or any other companies using them to train their AI models. He also urged Instagram to get rid of its artificial intelligence program completely.

These remarks of Nadal came after a fan recently released an AI-dubbed version of the Spaniard’s speech. In the speech, the AI-constructed version of Nadal was seen insulting Roland Garros, and Novak Djokovic. Before we get on with the video, here’s the story that Nadal posted.

In the AI-made video, Nadal said, “I own Roland f*****g Garros. I’ve won here more than anyone ever. I only came out to test the clay to prep for the Olympics, I am the king here and everyone knows.”

The AI-version of Nadal took shots at Djokovic and said, “That bum Djokovic has only won the French Open three times. He is a man-child. He may have the most Grand Slam titles, but he has no class. I am the best tennis player ever. The fans who saw me today will tell their grandchildren they saw a God play tennis. I might be old but I’m the best to do it. Thank you and goodbye.”

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Nadal’s Previous Encounter With Such AI-Made Videos

Earlier back in January, during the Australian Open 2024, social media users pulled up an old video from the Laver Cup 2022 and edited it. What really catches someone’s attention is Nadal’s Spanish accent which often tends to become a delight for those using AI for these videos.

Here’s the video from January for reference.

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