Nitish Kumar’s Confidant Dismisses KC Tyagi’s Claim On Bihar CM Being Offered PM Post By I.N.D.I.A Bloc

    After Janata Dal (United) spokesperson KC Tyagi created a stir with his claims that the I.N.D.I.A bloc had offered the Prime Ministerial post to Nitish Kumar if he joined the alliance, the Bihar Chief Minister’s confidant MP Sanjay Jha has now junked Tyagi’s claims. 

    Tyagi had claimed on Saturday that JD(U) president Nitish Kumar was proposed the PM post by the opposition bloc if he broke his alliance with the BJP. “The JD(U) chief, however, rejected the proposal and endorsed Narendra Modi as the next prime minister,” Tyagi said.

    Hours later, Nitish Kumar’s confidant, Jha, rejected the assertion of the seasoned leader of his own party, news agency PTI reported.

    “Our party has no such information. Nor is the chief minister aware of all this. I want to make it clear. There is no such thing in our knowledge,” PTI quoted him as saying.  

    Stressing that Nitish Kumar had endorsed Narendra Modi at the National Democratic Alliance meeting, Jha said “it was a pre-poll alliance which won 30 of the 40 Lok Sabha seats in Bihar.”

    Tyagi had claimed that “those who did not want to make Kumar convener of their alliance offered to make him prime minister but he is happy that the party leadership rejected the offer.” 

    It is to be noted that Tyagi’s statements came a day after Modi was elected as the leader of BJP, NDA, and the Lok Sabha in the House.

    Following Tyagi’s claims, Congress leader K.C. Venugopal responded to the claims on Saturday saying that the grand old party did not have “any such information”. 

    Addressing a press conference, he said: “We don’t have any such information?” Echoing similar sentiments, Congress senior leader Digvijay Singh, “They are lying”. 

    Congress leader Jairam Ramesh, when asked about the claims, changed the topic and instead began reflecting on the Congress’s Lok Sabha elections performance.

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