Lok Sabha Elections 2024: Will Rahul Gandhi Be The Next Prime Minister?

    As the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 results are being closely watched, a pressing question emerges: Will Rahul Gandhi be the next Prime Minister? According to ABP News, the INDIA alliance, which Rahul Gandhi’s Congress party is a part of, is currently trailing behind the NDA (National Democratic Alliance). The NDA’s lead suggests strong voter support, making Rahul Gandhi’s path to the Prime Ministership challenging. Despite the INDIA alliance’s efforts to consolidate opposition parties and present a united front, the early trends indicate that the NDA’s strategies and campaigning have resonated more effectively with the electorate. As counting continues and more results come in, the final outcome will determine whether the INDIA alliance can close the gap or if the NDA will maintain its lead, thereby influencing Rahul Gandhi’s prospects for becoming the next Prime Minister.

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