Leica Lux Camera App Launched On App Store, Brings Its Signature Looks For iPhones

German camera and optical lenses major Leica has well-established presence in mobile photography, having collaborated with major smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi and producing its own devices, such as the Japan-exclusive Leitz Phone. Now, in a bid to strengthen its position in the mobile imaging sector, Leica has introduced Leica Lux app on the Apple App Store, it has announced.

Leica Lux Camera App For iPhones

Leica Lux is a newly released camera app on the App Store, featuring 11 colour profiles known as “Leica Looks.” The colour profiles emulate the aesthetics of current Leica cameras and classic film styles. Through the takeover of photography startup Fjorden Electra AS, Leica Camera AG has expanded its portfolio for professional mobile phone photography and opens up an important business segment in the mobile sector.

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“In the course of its strategic growth strategy, Leica Camera AG is strengthening its Mobile Business segment and is further expanding its portfolio through the takeover of the Norwegian company Fjorden Electra AS, a developer of smartphone apps and accessories. From today, Leica LUX, the first photo app developed for the iPhone within the framework of the takeover, is available as a download in the App Store,” the company said in a press note.

What Do You Get In Leica Lux Free Version

Using Leica Lux app in its free mode gives access to five Leica Looks and one lens imitation. To unlock the full range of colour profiles, software lenses and professional features such as manual exposure controls, a paid subscription is required. The subscription is $6.99 per month or $69.99 annually.

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The Leica Lux app offers a fully automatic mode, which is similar to Apple’s native camera app, and also includes an “Aperture mode.” This mode uses software to replicate the distinctive style and bokeh effect of high-end lenses such as the Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASPH and the vintage Noctilux-M 50mm f/1.2 ASPH from 1966.

The company noted that around 80 per cent of its camera users also own an iPhone, making Leica Lux a way to deliver a Leica-inspired experience directly to their devices.

“With the takeover of Fjorden we have united the expertise of two drivers of technological innovation and have expanded our already strong mobile imaging development team by the integration of proven specialists and digital know-how. We have expanded our digital ecosystem in the camera, mobile and optical segments with a product range that above all addresses younger target groups and enables them to take their first steps on their journey to the world of Leica products. Our first jointly-developed camera app, ‘Leica LUX’ brings the Leica experience and the unmistakeable visual signature to the iPhone’,” Matthias Harsch, CEO of Leica Camera AG, said in a statement. 

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