Karnataka Congress Faces Backlash Over Lok Sabha Results, PWD Minister Jarkiholi Cites Leadership Overconfidence

    In the aftermath of Karnataka’s ruling Congress failing to secure double digits in Lok Sabha seats from the state, PWD Minister Satish Jarkiholi has attributed the party’s reduced count to the “overconfidence of the party leadership.” Speaking to reporters in Belagavi, Jarkiholi pointed indirectly at Deputy Chief Minister and state President DK Shivakumar, suggesting that this overconfidence cost the party valuable seats.

    The Congress managed to win only 9 out of the 28 Lok Sabha seats in Karnataka, falling short of the leaders’ expectations of securing between 15 and 20 seats. Jarkiholi expressed his disappointment, stating, “This kind of result is expected when the ‘director’ and ‘producer’ fail in their attempt. There is less time for the preparation of the election. One needs to be alert during that specific period. If not, the phase of the election is over. We need to work during that specific time.”

    Jarkiholi, a close associate of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, criticised the leadership’s decision to overlook several Lok Sabha segments, attributing this negligence to the party’s narrow defeats in many constituencies. “The decision of our leaders to neglect many Lok Sabha segments is also a reason for getting fewer seats. The overconfidence in winning in some segments prevented the expected campaigning. Due to our negligence, the Congress was defeated by thin margins in many seats,” he added, according to a report on IANS.

    Despite the party’s overall performance, Jarkiholi’s daughter, Priyanka Jarkiholi, achieved a significant victory against senior BJP leader Annasaheb Jolle in the Chikkodi Parliamentary constituency, providing a silver lining for the Jarkiholi family and their supporters.

    Jarkiholi, recognized as a prominent mass leader among oppressed classes in Karnataka, has long advocated for structural changes within the state’s political hierarchy. He has been vocal about the need for more Deputy Chief Minister posts to balance the influence of figures like DK Shivakumar. 

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