iPadOS 18 Launched With Apple Intelligence, Calculator And New Customisation Features

During its annual WWDC keynote, Apple on Monday unveiled the iPadOS 18, the upcoming major version of iPad software, alongside the iOS 18. The iPadOS 18 will debut in a developer beta later today and will be available for all users this fall. 

Apple Intelligence Comes To iPads

The most significant addition this year to all the iPad-specific features is the integration of Apple Intelligence, which is the company’s own take on generative AI. This includes several new AI-powered functionalities such as the capability to generate website summaries, proofread or rewrite emails and even create new art based on user prompts.

“Our most versatile device is becoming even more powerful and intelligent than ever with iPadOS 18,” Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, said in a statement.

“With fun new ways to personalize the Home Screen, a redesigned Photos experience, major updates to the Notes app, the addition of Calculator with Math Notes, and the groundbreaking introduction of Apple Intelligence, iPadOS 18 brings incredible new features designed for the unique capabilities of iPad, making it even easier for users to get tasks done.”

Siri, Apple’s digital assistant, is also getting a major overhaul through Apple Intelligence. This includes improved natural language recognition and the capability to grasp and retain context across multiple queries. Siri will also assist users in making use of their devices by answering questions about how to execute specific tasks, search for files, or control apps and features through voice commands.

Customisation Features For Home Screen, Control Centre, More

The iPad is among the first to experience the range of new customisation features introduced with iOS 18. With the iPadOS 18, users get access to enhanced flexibility and tools for customising their Home screen icons and layout. Unlike previous iterations, you can now place apps anywhere on the screen without being restricted by standard grid rules. Furthermore, a single theming adjustment lets users change the colours of all the icons.

Moreover, the Control centre has also got significant enhancements in iPadOS 18; offering multiple pages of content, iPadOS 18 now supports third-party controls for the first time. This means users can conveniently adjust the availability and size of controls directly within the Control centre.

With the iPadOS 18, Apple has finally brought the Calculator app to iPadOS.For years, Calculator, much like Weather, was overlooked by Apple as irrelevant to iPad users. However, its absence in iPadOS is coming to an end with the introduction of iPadOS 18. As anticipated, Apple’s Calculator app closely resembles its iOS counterpart and uses the iPad’s larger display to offer more buttons and controls on-screen simultaneously.

The Calculator app also supports dynamic resizing when multitasking on the iPad, thus, allowing users to adjust its size according to their preferences when using Stage Manager, Slide Over or Split View.

Audio controls on iPads are getting an upgrade with a new feature; Siri can now interpret gestures for “Yes” and “No” by either shaking or nodding your head while wearing AirPods. This enhancement intends to simplify interactions with Siri, especially in settings like crowded buses or quiet waiting rooms where speaking aloud might be inconvenient.


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