How To Play, Today’s Words, Spangram, Everything Else You Need To Know

How To Play, Today’s Words, Spangram, Everything Else You Need To Know

Bored with the same old Wordle? The New York Times has just released Strands, a new word puzzle that will put your vocabulary to the test. Unlike Wordle, Strands challenges you to find six to eight words hidden within a jumbled grid of letters, all connected by a single theme. NYT’s user-friendly design keeps the game casual, but don’t be fooled—your brain will get a full workout.

NYT Strands: Where To Access

Edited by Tracy Bennett, the same curator behind Wordle, a new game of Strands can be accessed every day on the Games section of the NYT website.

NYT Strands: How To Play

You start with a 6×8 grid of 54 letters. What you need to do is select a chain of letters you think makes a word. 

Now, these words aren’t random, each of them is based on a daily theme. This theme will be shown in a box dubbed Today’s Theme on the left-hand side of the screen.

Based on that theme, you need to identify six to eight words every day.

Now, there is a fun element called Spangram. This is a hidden theme that only reveals itself when you find all six words. 

Why Spangram, you ask? Well, the word spans the entirety of the grid. Add ‘span’ to ‘anagram’, and et voilà! You get Spangram.

Here’s a handy video from YouTuber Every Day Doug to help you out:

So, now that you got a hang of the game, here are today’s answers:

NYT Strands Answers For June 13, 2024

Today’s Theme for Strands: Good times ahead

Here are today’s answers for Strands:

  • BOAT
  • Spangram: AFTERPARTY

Hope you enjoyed our handy guide to NYT Strands. Stay tuned to ABP Live Gaming for more guides and stories.

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