Haryana MLA Kiran Choudhry Resigns From Congress Along With Daughter, Set To Join BJP

    Haryana MLA Kiran Choudhry Resigns From Congress Along With Daughter, Set To Join BJP

    In a major setback to Congress in Haryana, Kiran Choudhry, Tosham MLA, along with her daughter, former MP Shruti Choudhry, are set to join the BJP. They are likely to join the saffron camp on Wednesday at 11 AM in Delhi. Notably, assembly polls are due in October in Haryana.

    “Shruti and I will be joining the BJP in Delhi on Wednesday,” Kiran Choudhary told news agency PTI. 

    “They have pushed me into a corner. There is a limit to humiliation one can suffer,” she said while taking a veiled dig at Hooda. She further added that both she and Shruti will resign from the primary membership of the Congress to join the BJP.

    Kiran Choudhry had expressed dissatisfaction with the Congress after her daughter was not given a Lok Sabha ticket for the Bhiwani Mahendragarh seat. The Congress instead chose MLA Rao Dan Singh, who lost the election. Singh later accused Choudhry of sabotage, to which she responded by criticising the ticket disruption process, suggesting it led to the party’s defeat.

    Two days before the announcement, Kiran Choudhry held a press conference in Bhiwani, hinting at her departure from the party. She comes from a notable political family, with her father-in-law, Bansi Lal, having served as Chief Minister of Haryana. 

    Both Kiran and Shruti Choudhry resigned from the Congress. In her resignation letter, Kiran accused the party of operating as a personal fiefdom with no room for sincere voices. She alleged that the leadership had systematically conspired against her. Shruti Choudhry also criticised the Haryana Congress, claiming it had become focused on a single individual, thus compromising the party’s interests. 

    Kiran Choudhry tweeted, “Developing the region and the state following the ideology of Chaudhry Bansi Lal and Choudhry Surendra Singh ji will always be my priority,” signaling her continued to her political principles despite leaving the Congress.

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