DuckDuckGo Joins The AI Wagon With New Chat Feature, Users Can Now Access ChatGPT, Meta AI, & Other Chatbots Anonymously

The browser that focuses on our privacy, DuckDuckGo, has recently unveiled new and exciting AI chat features. DuckDuckGo users can now anonymously access chatbot models such as ChatGPT 3.5, Llama 3, Claude 3, and Mixtral 8X7B. This newly launched feature was earlier accessible to selected users in the beta version. Now, this feature is being rolled out to all web users. It will be available for free, however, with limited access. In order to unlock all benefits, you will have to spend a little moolah. 

The company issued a blog post in which it announced that the AI chat will support four AI chatbot models, namely – Open AI’s ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo, Anthropic’s Claude 3 Haiku, Meta’s Llama 3, and Mistral’s Mixtral 8X7B.

DuckDuckGo did not fail to uphold its reputation though. It is known for its privacy policy and with this latest addition, it assured users that the chats will be private and won’t be used for training any AI model. The company took it one step further and said that the IP addresses of the users would also not be exposed.

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It said that users can remain assured about their privacy as the conversation will remain anonymous just like in beta access. It added that it has agreements with AI model providers which will limit the data usage from users’ prompts. As per the agreement, the AI models won’t be allowed to use data to develop or improve their models.

How To Use AI Chat Feature In DuckDuckGo

This new feature of DuckDuckGo can be accessed through URLs and Shortcuts. DuckDuckGo web users will be provided with four AI models on their homepage. Out of those four, they will have the choice to access whichever they want. Coming to the chat window now, it will have preset prompts such as ‘Get computer help’, ‘Understand a topic’, or ‘Write an email’.

Users can change the AI model they want to talk to as per their wish by simply clicking on the AI model name in the left pane. If one wishes to end the conversation then they can click on the fire button before the text box to close the chat window to end the conversation.

The company is not stopping just at this, it further plans to add more chat models and browser entry points in the future. As per reports, it is also working on a paid subscription plan for AI Chat.

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