Despite Expansion To 9 Countries, Apple’s Given India A Pass Yet Again

Despite Expansion To 9 Countries, Apple’s Given India A Pass Yet Again

Apple has announced the expansion of its Vision Pro device to nine additional countries. This move comes alongside the release of visionOS 2, an updated version of the operating system powering the device. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, expressed his excitement about the expansion. “The enthusiasm for Apple Vision Pro has been extraordinary, and we are thrilled to introduce the magic of spatial computing to more customers around the world,” Cook stated. “We can’t wait for more people to see the impossible become possible, whether working and collaborating with an infinite canvas for apps, reliving treasured memories in three dimensions, watching TV shows and movies in a one-of-a-kind personal cinema, or enjoying brand-new spatial experiences that defy imagination.”

It should be noted that while Vision Pro is now available in more countries, India is still nowhere to be seen. There’s no word from the Cupertino giant on when the headset will come to the Indian market.

In case you were wondering, Apple Vision Pro in the US is priced at $3,499. So, when it does launch in India, it’s safe to expect a premium price tag of nearly Rs 3 lakh. 

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Where Will Apple Vision Pro Be Available Now?

Pre-orders for the Vision Pro will begin on June 14 for customers in China, Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, with the devices becoming available on June 28.

In Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK, pre-orders will start on June 28, with availability slated for July 12. There is currently no information regarding the device’s release in India.

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Apple Vision Pro To Get visionOS 2 Upgrade This Year

The Vision Pro operates on visionOS, and the latest update, visionOS 2, will be available as a free software upgrade this fall. This update introduces several new features, including the ability to convert photos into 3D memories, enhanced hand gesture controls for easier navigation, and improvements to the Mac Virtual Display, Travel Mode, and Guest User functionalities.

Currently, the Apple App Store offers 2,000 apps designed specifically for the Vision Pro, providing users with a wide range of applications to enhance their experience with the device.

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