Congress Reacts To Indresh Kumar’s U-Turn On ‘Arrogant BJP’ Remark

    Congress Reacts To Indresh Kumar’s U-Turn On ‘Arrogant BJP’ Remark

    Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh National Executive member Indresh Kumar’s statements on the BJP have created quite a flutter in the political circles. A day after Indresh Kumar targeted the BJP, saying Lord Ram had stopped the party’s tally at 241 because of its “arrogance”, the RSS leader backtracked and said that those who opposed Lord Ram are out of power and those who worshipped him found victory. The Congress has now reacted to this sudden U-turn.

    Indresh Kumar on Friday was quoted by India Today as saying that Narendra Modi won for the third time and people believed he would lead the country towards rapid progress.

    Soon after his first statement slamming the BJP’s “arrogance”, Congress leader Pawan Khera said: “Who takes RSS seriously? PM Modi does not take them seriously, so why should we If he had spoken when it was time to speak, everyone would have taken him seriously. At that time, they [RSS] remained silent. They also enjoyed the power.” The BJP, however, said that his comments would be looked into seriously and the party would think about it. 

    As Indresh Kumar’s second statement came in on Friday evening, the Congress said that the RSS had multiple faces. Congress leader Udit Raj said, “Things were projected in such a way that Narendra Modi brought Lord Ram. He [Indresh Kumar] has spoken in that sense. But later, he might have thought that this government could collapse anytime and he doesn’t want to be held responsible for it… RSS has many faces just like the BJP, and if not now, things will become clear later…”

    Without naming any party, Indresh Kumar had said that the party which was devoted to Lord Ram but became arrogant was stopped at 241. “But became the biggest party,” he said. The BJP had won 240 seats in the Lok Sabha elections. 

    On the Opposition’s performance, Kumar said, “Those who had no faith in Ram, they were stopped at 234.” He added, “See the ‘Vidhan’ of Ram Rajya in democracy; those who did ‘Bhakti of Ram but gradually turned arrogant, that party emerged the biggest party but the vote and power that should have been given was stopped by God due to their arrogance.”

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