Congress Leader Breaks Down After Losing Ticket To Himachal CM Sukhu’s Wife, Hospitalised

    Congress Leader Breaks Down After Losing Ticket To Himachal CM Sukhu’s Wife, Hospitalised

    By Ankush Dobhal 

    The decision to nominate Kamlesh Thakur, wife of Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, as Congress’s candidate for the upcoming Assembly byelections has stirred controversy within the party. Dr Rajesh Sharma, a former Congress who contested in 2022, broke down in tears during a meeting with supporters, accusing the Chief Minister of coercion and issuing threats. His outburst led to a deterioration in his health, he was later admitted to a hospital for a panic attack.

    Voting in three Himachal Pradesh Assembly constituencies are scheduled for July 10. Both Congress and BJP had announced their candidates for these byelections. In the Dehra Assembly constituency, Congress fielded Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhi’s wife, Kamlesh Thakur.

    The decision to give the ticket to the Chief Minister’s wife led to internal dissent within Congress. Dr Rajesh Sharma, who contested the Assembly elections in 2022 from Congress, announced he would run as an independent candidate. He held a meeting with his supporters on Wednesday. 

    Rajesh Sharma Breaks Down In Tears

    During the meeting, Rajesh could not hide his anguish and broke down in tears in front of his supporters. He alleged that Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu held him hostage in a government residence for nine hours. Sharma accused the Chief Minister and other Congress leaders of issuing threats against him.

    Sharma claimed there were threats there were threats to shut down his business. He alleged that if anything happened to his children or if he suffered a heart attack, the Chief Minister would be responsible. Sharma urged Congress to reconsider the ticket decision, warning that he would otherwise contest as an independent candidate. 

    Hospitalised After Health Deteriorates 

    After the meeting with his supporters, Sharma continued to cry for an extended period. His health then suddenly deteriorated. According to reports, Sharma suffered a panic attack. He was being treated at the regional hospital in Dehra. 

     The Congress leader also shared a video of his address and hospitalisation on X.

    Kamlesh Thakur’s Ticket Based On Survey 

    On Tuesday, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh told the media that Kamlesh Thakur’s name was based on an outcome of a survey. He said he did not personally want his wife to run for office, but he could not defy the high command’s orders. 

    Himachal Pradesh Sports Minister Yadvinder Goma stated that the ticket was awarded based on the survey. He noted that many candidates vie for each seat and that if Rajesh Sharma was upset, the Congress party would try to reach out to him. Goma further said that Sharma had worked for the party earlier and would continue to do so in the future.  

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