CMF Phone 1 To Launch In India Soon, Company Confirms

The CMF Phone 1, the debut smartphone from London-based Nothing’s sub-brand, will be launched in India soon. CMF by Nothing has officially revealed the name and confirmed the release of the device. Previous reports suggested that the CMF Phone 1 might be a rebranded version of the Nothing Phone 2a, introduced in March, but with a significantly different design.

CMF, a sub-brand of the UK-based company headed by former OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, emphasises innovative designs. A key design feature of the new smartphone has also been teased by the company.

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CMF Phone 1 To Be Launched In Vibrant Orange Colour

The company has not yet disclosed the launch date or detailed product information. However, an image posted on X showcases elements of the smartphone’s design. The image reveals that the phone features a vibrant orange colour, consistent with the colour used in other CMF products such as the GAN charger and CMF Buds. More colours are likely to be introduced at the official unveiling.

“Introducing CMF Phone 1. Wonderful by design. Leveraging @nothing’s innovation and meticulous attention to design, it serves as a wonderful entry point to our entire product ecosystem. As others overlook this category, we’re giving it our full attention. Coming soon,” Nothing posted on X, formerly Twitter.

CMF, a sub-brand of Nothing, is focused on providing budget-friendly products. Notably, until now, it has only released accessories, including a smartwatch, charger, and TWS earbuds.

A previous teaser from Nothing showed a unique screw on the back of the CMF Phone 1, said to be integral to a feature called “Nothing Lock.” This mechanism is said to enables users to connect exclusive accessories, including support brackets and lanyards, to a specialised connector on the device. Several leaks indicate that the device will be budget friendly.

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