CMF Phone 1 Launch Around The Corner, May Come With Unique ‘Nothing Lock’

London-based handset maker Nothing released a cryptic teaser, thus, sparking speculation about the imminent launch of the purported Nothing Phone 3, since both its two predecessors were unveiled in July. However, two subsequent posts on X, formerly Twitter, clarified that it is actually one of Nothing’s upcoming budget phones under the CMF sub-brand. The device depicted in the teaser is the Nothing CMF Phone 1, featuring a notable screw as part of the “Nothing Lock” mechanism.

It is pertinent to note that the device’s name has not been officially confirmed and that it was tipped by a leakster.

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CMF Phone 1 May Get ‘Nothing Lock’

The teaser from Nothing showed a unique screw on the back of the CMF Phone 1, said to be integral to a feature called “Nothing Lock.” This mechanism is said to enables users to connect exclusive accessories, including support brackets and lanyards, to a specialised connector on the device. Several leaks indicate that the device will be budget friendly.

According to X user Technerd, the upcoming handset fro CMF by Nothing is likely to feature a plastic back or a vegan leather back. He tipped other specs of the upcoming device via a post on X.

“The CMF Phone  Specifications 📱Model: A015 Plastic Frame + vegan leather/polycarbonate back 6.7″ OLED, 120Hz refresh rate display with uniform and thick bezels MediaTek Dimensity 7200 5000 mAh battery + 33w Wired Charging,” Technerd posted on X.

The company recently hinted at the upcoming release through its social media channels, thus, sparking speculation about the new product. While the company has not disclosed the product’s name, rumours suggest it could be either the Nothing Phone 3 or the CMF Phone 1.

Recently leaked renders of the CMF Phone 1 suggested a design more reminiscent of the Apple iPhone SE 2, rather than the Nothing Phone 2a.

The UK-based firm, known for its cryptic teasers, has shared an image on X, formerly Twitter, hinting at a new product launch. The post reveals the side profile of a device, but its exact details remain unknown.

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