Carl Pei Confirms Nothing Phone 3 Will Launch Next Year With AI

London-based Nothing’s CEO Carl Pei has posted a video announcing that the next handset from the firm, the Nothing Phone 3 will not be launched this year, but in 2025. He also stated that smartphones will be the artificial intelligence (AI) gadgets of the future and that AI could revolutionise how we use these devices. He also highlighted the hype around AI.

Despite the increasing hype around AI, Pei reiterated Nothing’s dedication to the traditional smartphone design.

“There’s been a lot of hype around AI. Some great, some confusing. It’s great to see new companies rethinking the user experience and form factors. However, there is no doubt that smartphones will remain the main consumer AI form factor for the foreseeable future. With over 4 billion users and over 1 billion smartphones shipped every year—the numbers speak for themselves,” Pei posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Read Pei’s full post in the X post embedded below:

Over the past two months, the London-based firm has been designing and prototyping AI interactions. Now, the company CEO has shared some initial concepts to provide a clearer picture of its vision — these features will be refined and gradually introduced, beginning with Phone 3 in 2025.

“Our priority is to perfect the product, seamlessly integrating hardware and AI to create a useful and enjoyable experience for users,” Pei wrote in the post.

The Nothing Phone 3 would embedd AI features into the established smartphone format, rather than creating a completely new AI-centric device.

Nothing states that these AI-driven responses will be tailored to meet individual user needs. Nothing also unveiled a new home screen interface featuring multiple square widget-like boxes that display dynamic, contextual information. According to the company, this content is curated by AI.

“Over the last 3.5 years, we’ve been busy establishing our end to end capabilities. We’ve come a long way, being the only company that built a smartphone business in the last 10 years. We’ve also developed a creative culture in the company that emphasizes great UX and thoughtful integration between software and hardware. And as we reach stability and with solid growth plans, we’re ready to shift gears,” Pei further noted.


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