Apple WWDC 2024 iOS 18 Launched Dark Mode Home Screen Customisation Control Center Privacy Photos App Redesign

Apple on Monday, June 10, officially announced the much-awaited iOS 18 at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024. The iOS 18 is a big release, the company said. As widely expected, a new customisation feature has been introduced with the iOS 18 that allows users to adjust the tint colour of all their app icons. Also, iOS can even suggest colours based on the user’s wallpaper colour scheme.

Apart from customising wallpapers, widgets and icons, with iOS, iPhone users will be able to arrange apps and widgets to better complement their wallpapers and position them to the side or just above the dock for easier access. Additionally, Dark mode has been given a fresh new look.

Privacy With iOS 18

With focus on privacy, users on iOS 18 can lock their apps, requiring a PIN or Face ID for access. Data from locked apps will not appear in searches or other apps. Additionally, the users will be able hide apps, such as a dating app, in a secure, hidden folder which is also locked, the tech giant noted at the conference.

Currently, granting an app access to your contacts means sharing your entire list. However, with iOS 18, the users will be able to choose specific contacts to share. Additionally, developers will have a new, more privacy-friendly method for pairing accessories.

Wih iOS 18, iPhones will support SMS messaging via Satellite.

Photos App Gets ‘Biggest Redesign’

According to Apple’s Federighi, the Photos app is receiving its “biggest redesign ever.” The new update will help users keep their library organised and make finding photos much easier. Also, Game Mode is coming to the iPhone, with the new update, which wil minimise background activity to maintain high performance. It also improves the responsiveness of AirPods and game controllers, according to the tech giant.

Messages Gets Tapbacks

With iOS 18, Messages are getting a significant update to tapbacks. With this, users can react to messages with any emoji or sticker, displayed in colour, similar to other messaging apps. Additionally, it bringg the ability to schedule messages and format text (underline, strikethrough, etc.).

Apple is also rolling out RCS support with the iOS 18, which was previously announced with an unclear timeline.

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