AIADMK Expelled Leaders O Panneerselvam, Sasikala Stress Party Unity After Lok Sabha Defeat

    In a bid to rally party cadres, ousted AIADMK leaders O. Panneerselvam and V.K. Sasikala penned separate letters urging the preservation of M.G. Ramachandran (MGR) and Jayalalithaa’s legacies by uniting the party. After AIADMK suffered a significant setback in the Lok Sabha Elections, the former AIADMK leaders stressed the crucial need for party unity and cautioned about the potential loss of relevance for the party without a united front.

    In the letter, Sasikala cautioned that failing to course correct could lead to the loss of MGR and Jayalalithaa’s ideals, echoing concerns over the party’s performance in the recent Lok Sabha polls, where it trailed behind the BJP and Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) in select constituencies.

    “If the course correction is not done now, then AIADMK will become irrelevant. We should not allow the ideals of MGR and Jayalalithaa to fade away. Their ideals need to be kept alive. The legacy of these iconic Dravidian leaders would be lost if the course correction is not done immediately,” Sasikala said.

    Despite their expulsion, Panneerselvam and Sasikala expressed willingness to engage with current leadership for the party’s betterment.

    “AIADMK is important above all and I am prepared for any discussions with the present leadership,” OPS wrote in the letter.


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    Notably, grassroots members have also advocated for their reinstatement to fortify the AIADMK against the DMK.

    Panneerselvam, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and AIADMK coordinator, was expelled alongside associates during a July 2022 party council meeting in Chennai. In September 2017, Sasikala, the former interim General secretary, was expelled from AIADMK. However, both the leaders from the Dhevar community, a caste group in Tamil Nadu, have a sizeable support of the community in the state.

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