WhatsApp To Soon Let Users Transcribe Voice Messages In Five Languages Including Hindi: Report

WhatsApp To Soon Let Users Transcribe Voice Messages In Five Languages Including Hindi: Report

WhatsApp continues to release new features to enhance the communication experience for its users. Recently, the instant messaging platform has been working on a new feature which will let users transcribe their voice messages on their devices. This new feature was spotted first in WhatsApp for the iPhone beta update, however, as per reports, this feature will also arrive in the Android version of the app.

According to a report by the WABetainfo, WhatsApp users will need to download 150MB of new app data to enable this feature of transcribing their voice notes. The feature is said to be based on advanced speech recognition technology which will work locally on the device without disrupting the end-to-end encryption.

After downloading the said additional data, WhatsApp users will be able to use this new feature to read their voice messages. It can be useful in situations where it might be a bit difficult to play the voice recording.

As per another report from WABetainfo that cited WhatsApp Beta for Android version, WhatsApp is also working on enhancing the feature even further by allowing users to choose a language for voice transcripts. The report added that at the moment, there are 5 languages to choose from, including English, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish. After selecting the language, users will reportedly be prompted to download the additional data package to enable the transcription process.

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