iOS 18 To Bring Dark Mode For Home Screen App Icons To iPhones

The much-awaited iOS 18 update will introduce Dark Mode for app icons on the iPhone home screen. This setting will purportedly allow users to add a dark tint to their app icons, says a report by MacRumors. The feature is said to be introduced officially at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024. Additionally, Apple is anticipated to release a feature in the new operating system (OS) enabling users to lock apps using Face ID.

The iOS 18 is said to include various artificial intelligence (AI) features, which is likely to be branded as Apple Intelligence.

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Currently, Dark Mode on iOS is applicable to only certain elements of the home screen, such as folder icons. However, iOS 18 is expected to extend this feature to all app icons. Initially, this functionality may be restricted to Apple’s own apps, but there is speculation that an API for third-party app support could be introduced later.

Apple WWDC 2024: What To Expect

The report added, citing Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, that iOS 18 will introduce a feature allowing users to customise the colours of app icons, including applying a dark tint.

In another recent leak pertaining to iOS 18, it has been said that the new version will enable users to lock individual apps using Face ID for the first time.

This year, however, the emphasis at WWDC is expected to shift from hardware to software, with significant announcements around iOS 18 and generative AI technologies. Previous reports suggest that Apple is likely to completely skip hardware announcement at this year’s edition of WWDC conference.

Apple WWDC 2024: Livestream Link

For Apple enthusiats and those eager to witness the latest developments at WWDC 2024, the event will be streamed live on Apple’s official website as well as  YouTube channel. The keynote session is scheduled to begin at 10 am PT/10:30 pm IST tonight, June 10. This live broadcast will give real-time updates on Apple’s new features and enhancements.

Here’s the live stream link:

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