Experiments With AI Hint At Release Of Comment Sorting Feature For Shorts

Experiments With AI Hint At Release Of Comment Sorting Feature For Shorts

The video streaming giant YouTube has consistently focused on releasing new features to enhance the streaming experience of its users. It has now done it again by exploring the world of AI. YouTube in the past few months has slowly added new AI-powered features such as video summaries. The Google-owned company is now here with another addition to the list of AI-powered functionality. This new feature on YouTube will automatically sort YouTube Shorts user comments and group them into topics.

How Will This New Feature Work

As per a recent update shared by the YouTube team, this new feature will “help you understand and participate in conversations on YouTube” and help “organise large comment sections on English-language Shorts into easily digestible themes.” This feature might also be able to allow users to jump directly to the topics that they are interested in. It will not only help them but it will also save them a lot of time as it will remove the need for them to scroll through all sorts of comments.

As of now, it appears that this feature is limited to the mobile version of the app only and is available to a handful of users or Shorts that have a huge number of comments. The company has said that comments are automatically sorted into topics, however, creators do have the power to remove them or keep them. Notably, these topics will be created on the basis of the list of published comments and they don’t take inspiration from comments which contain blocked words or are held for review.

According to Google, the new Shorts feature was rolled out after it garnered quite a lot of positive feedback for AI-powered comment topics creator for long-form videos. The company is not stopping here though, recently it was spotted testing a new feature known as ‘Dream Screen’. This upcoming feature will allow creators to use an AI-generated green screen background for Shorts.

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